Other Offers


We don´t just offer “overnight stays” in a yurt. Our specialties are described below. We are still working to complete the programme.

Everybody feels fine when body, spirit and soul are harmonized. A feeling comes up that everything is all right just the way it is. But somethimes we lose our balance and physical and emotional problems appear. The below described activities could help you to restore the lost balance.


A marvellous possibility to relax body and spirit and harmoise both is given by Shendo Shiatsu.

“Shen” means joy, awareness, enthusiasm. “Do” is the way and Shiatsu means literally “finger pressure”. Between Giving and Taking arises an attentive communication through touching. The touching is done on the dressed body. Energy blockades are found and can be influenced by a treatment of meridians and acupuncture points that leads to a deep wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage

The Indian head massage teats the upper back, shoulders and neck, head and face. Forget your head for a while, don´t think, feel empty. Tensions are fixed frequently in head and face. A tensed up jawbone and tensed head muscles are the consequence. If you are able to reléase body and soul, tensions can be disolved.

Meditations and Exercises for Mindfulness, Self-compassion

Investigations show that regular meditation has a positive effect on the human organism. It is not necessary to sit for half an hour every day to cause a change in your life. It is much more important to meditate regularly and it`s easier and more fun if you are not alone.

Exercises for mindfulness can help us to settle firmly our Here and Now. In our days of hectic life it is not so easy to keep wareness of the moment. Group-exercises reinforce motivation.

Special meditations for self-compassion. Our internal critic speaks out quite soon. Her severe words sound loud if we do something wrong. Developing compassion for our supposed weaknesses or inadequacy contributes significantly to a happy being.

Supportive conversations

Eventually, life has moments when we are not sure how to get on. Maybe our head knows what to do … I really should … but we are unable to act. If you are in a difficult situation we could try to find a solution in shared conversations.



As an engaged photographer, for many years now I have been attending intensively different aspects of photography. A motive is certainly essential, but even here my viewpoint has changed frequently. My love for black and white photography however has been constant though it does not mean that I have abandoned color photography.

If you want to take the time to learn something more about my photography you are invited to have a look at my website. Take your time and enjoy the shots.

Another ítem that has interested me for many years now, is the post-production of photos – formerly done in the dark room. From the selection of the film to paper quality and manual procedures. Today, I am able to enjoy another of my hobbies through digital procedures – open source software. I don’t work with Photoshop or Lightroom. I use Linux as operating system, updated with Gimp, Darktable and Digicam.

So, what can I offer you? Without doubt, good discussions and conversations regarding photography and open-source-software. Also classes regarding the handling of cameras or smartphones. I am able to give you a glimpse into alternatives to the great photo-editing and filing programmes.

Another important point is analysing photos previous to and after taking the shot as well as image processing. I also organize tours to selected spots of our región.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these subjects. It would perfect if you could do so before travelling so my planning will be more efficient.